I'm a professional technical writer with... hobbies. Lots and lots of hobbies. A selection of my most active hobbies, of late:


I'm strictly an amateur photographer, and my favorite subjects are landscapes and wildlife. I'm not much good at the wildlife thing yet, probably because I lack the patience, so most of my best photos are landscapes, with an occasional air show thrown in just for fun.

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Web Development

I like to build stuff just because I can, but I tend to work at it in fits and starts. Some of my recent projects include:

  • a really lousy RSS reader (seriously, I refuse to even share a link to that)
  • a proof-of-concept image gallery with no management system; it pulls metadata straight out of the image
  • a task and equipment management application for a boat or other small facility

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Home Tech

I'm always on the lookout for great ways to manage multimedia and automate my life. Aren't we all? That said, I'm no early adopter; I've been on the wrong side of format wars and compatability battles too often for that ;) When I find a great product, though, I love to share, and when I solve a problem, I'll sometimes share the solution.

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