Dawn by the sea

Dawn by the sea

Last weekend, we went a-glamping down at Quintana Beach County Park, a couple of hours southwest of Houston. By virtue of being a fee beach, it's less crowded than the public beaches even in the middle of the summer. At dawn on the shoulder season? We practically had it to ourselves.

Here's a few snaps from Sunday morning's walk.

First up, the sun rising over the ship channel. A pair of tugs headed out to meet an incoming ship. And people rolling carts of gear down the jetty to start the day's fishing.


Looking back the other way, a wide, flat beach just begging to be walked.


This is about as good as it gets down-stream from the Brazos and Trinity rivers.

And here's my pupper-in-crime, slightly out of focus because she just would not stand still :) This weekend wore her out - she laid in bed 14 hours straight when we got home.