About Me

Professionally, I am a "UX Developer", which means that I design and build applications. My primary experience is with business applications - the kinds of tools that allow businesses to track and report on their internal activities so that they can make good decisions. I am currently employed by HCSS, a company in Sugar Land, TX that creates software for the heavy construction industry. I am embedded in one development team, help out several more, and am part of the effort to create a component library / design system for our web products.

Outside of work, I am a serial hobbyist: I love learning new things, and every few months I seem to find myself with something new to try out. My longest-running hobbies are photography, spinning (making yarn from wool or cotton fiber), weaving cloth, and gardening (flowers, not vegetables). Recently, I've also played with watercolors, basket weaving, dyeing, and card-making.

Contact Me

Your best bet is email to: [email protected].

About This Site

I don't remember when I first registered this domain name - not before 2000, though. I know I had a site up at least by 2003, though I lost the domain for a while a couple of years later, when my host+registrar disappeared in the middle of the night. (aaaah, the good old days...). It's hosted bad quotes, embarrassing fiction, photos, stories, links... Through it all, it's been a place for me to experiment and learn and share the things I cared about.

The current iteration of the site is built with PHP. The repo is public, if you feel like poking around. I love GitHub both for it's minimum-viable IDE (in case I want to make changes when I'm away from my computer) and for its integration with serverless hosting. This site is hosted on Digital Ocean's App Platform (very slick) and protected by Cloudflare.

I use Cloudinary as a CDN for my photos. I highly recommend it. If you're cheap (like me) and can do without API access, they have a free tier. It lets you download images in any size you need - from thumbnails to full size - at least, up to a point (there is a file size limit). I use the Cloudinary Cookbook for that little bit of image manipulation.