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Links in PHP and HTML

A growing reference for myself as much as anyone else :)

Relative to site root

Include statements in PHP files:

    include_once $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/header.php";

Links in HTML elements, including links, stylesheets, scripts, and images:

    // Yes! The leading / refers to the site root
    <a href="/mypage.php">My Link</a>

    // NO!
    // This can end up with a link like 'C:server/htdocs/mypage.php', which is "correct"
    // but won't execute.
    <a href=<?php echo $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/mypage.php"?>>My Link</a>

Relative to Current Page

Good news! They work the same way!

    // in current directory
    include_once "file.php";
    <a href="mypage.php">My Link</a>

    // in a parent folder
    include_once "../file.php";
    <a href="../mypage.php">My Link</a>

    // in a child folder
    include_once "folder/file.php";
    <a href="folder/mypage.php">My Link</a>

Other things that may be situationally useful

You can set a base URL to use for all relative links in HTML elements on a page.

    <base href="https://my.site.com/baseFolder/">

More like this, please!