Serial hobbyist. Plotter and schemer.

I Build Tools that Make Work Easier

I love creating tools that are genuinely useful.

I believe in the power of dumb questions and bad suggestions.

I also bring the sarcasm and a great laugh.

User Experience

TL;DR: Function first, then pretty.

My areas of focus in UX are:

  • Optimizing workflows, including discovery of users' existing processes and expectations
  • Identifying and incorporating users' mental models, including direct user research and usability testing
  • Creating fast mockups and prototypes to bring teams into alignment
  • Defining a clear design language and building tools to help developers easily implement it

Web Development

TL;DR: A little of a lot, heavy in the front-end.

  • Extensive experience with HTML and CSS - I 💙 CSS!
  • Building user experiences with React and Typescript since 2019
  • Worked in front and back end C#, including MVC (Razor pages) and EF/EF Core
  • Once upon a time I was pretty solid with JQuery
  • Learning Azure Devops, including YAML pipelines and infrastructure-as-code using ARM and Bicep
  • Working with Microsoft SQL databases - SQL and the MS SQL Management Studio
  • Tinkering with PHP for personal projects, including this site.

Technical Communication

I worked for several years as a professional technical writer, creating documentation referenced every day by users, support techs, and my co-workers.

While that's no longer on my list of job duties, it is still something I believe in. I continue to produce:

  • documentation to help onboard new team members
  • articles to teach new skills to my fellow developers
  • records of important information
  • best practices and style guidelines
  • error messages, emails, and on-screen text for our software

And other stuff...

Y'all, I just love creating tools, no matter what materials are laying around.

  • Packages of shared React components to speed up development of common interfaces (not a solo effort! shout out to my team!)
  • Interactive release checklist built in Excel
  • Batch scripts to simplify repeated tasks
  • Custom endpoints to query public APIs, consumed from Kustom (KWGT) Android widgets
  • Building, rebuilding, and tinkering with my personal web site 😇