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Web Development

Displaying Images from Blob Storage A rundown on how we display images from blob storage without exposing our blob publicly. Read it
Creating a Simple Blog without a Database In which I walk you through the setup for a very simple, no-frills blog running on a PHP server with no database, no API, and no messing about with CORS. Read it
A Simple PHP Router If you just want a CMS, not a blog, check out this router as an option to easily add new pages without a lot of boilerplate code. Read it
Highlighting the Current Location in a Menu A little bit of javascript to help you build your custom menus. This takes the current URL and highlights the corresponding option in the menu. Read it
Prettier Paths with .htaccess A quick look at how to use .htaccess rewrite rules to pretty up URLs. Read it
Links in PHP and HTML A quick reference for getting back to the root of your site. Read it