👩‍💻 Web Development

Professionally, I work primarily with React and C#, with an emphasis on front-end code (I 💙 CSS). I dabble with other tech on the side, especially PHP.

Using Portal to Share Context Between React Components Rendered to Separate DOM Nodes

A Good Use For Portal or, A simple way to let two React components talk across a sea of non-React HTML

Using React Router to force a component to re-render

Sometimes you really do want a complete component re-render; loss of state is the point. Here's one way to do it.

PHP is good, actually

I take a bit of crap at work for being the person who defends PHP. Today, I feel like explaining why.

Superbowl Squares Generator

A quick and dirty Superbowl Squares Generator as proof-of-concept for using htmx to add a little AJAX to a static site.

Reading JSON from Workers in PHP

Super quick: getting a remote JSON value and converting it to an object.

Returning KV values from Cloudflare Workers

A quick look at how to take advantage of simple KV storage on Cloudflare.

A Thing-of-the-Day Function

I wanted a way to show a quote of the day that would be the same for everyone and that would reliably change over on schedule, without needing a database.

A Simple PHP Router

I decided to experiment and see if I could figure out how to build a router that matched the way I want to work (handling multiple page types, no database, minimal manual file updates), while remaining lighter and easier to tweak than the off-the-shelf packages. This is what I came up with.

A Simple Blog based on PHP and Markdown (no database)

I have never particularly liked dealing with infrastructure, so the more I can do in code, the happier I am 😊 This topic walks through an approach to creating a lightweight blog that gives you the simplicity and freedom to just upload a new .md file and know it'll show up on the site.

Highlight your location in a menu

This is a pretty simple way to detect your current route and highlight the corresponding item in a menu.

Link Syntax Cheat Sheet: HTML and PHP

Whenever I've been away from PHP for a while, I start to get mixed up about how to do relative and absolute paths. This is my cheat sheet for when I need a quick refresher.